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Centrala was selected by the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw as the architect on the Hansen’s House Survey Project.
Since 1968 house in Szumin designed by Oskar Hansen Family was a perfect place to demonstrate his Open Form theory. The house incarnated its key principles related to opening architecture to the human being and establishing a “perceptive background” in order to emphasize everyday events.

Structural survey and architectural research made by Centrala this autumn was a detailed inspection to report upon the physical condition of all elements on the site and to highlight any work needed to maintain it in good repair. It was a first step to develop the restoration management plan for The Szumin House.
The task included:
- Survey existing conditions of the site including topography, existing buildings, architectural details, objects, furniture, garden and infrastructure (plan views, profile views - a "transparent" section views, drawings of the details, maps of area, chards of colors, photographical documentation of the existing construction facilities and furnishings)

- Architectural research to identify or verify the location and condition of structures, furniture and landscape solutions designed by Hansens and to recreate the chronology of changes (since 1968) by analyzing hundreds of historical pictures from Hansen Family Archive plus archival materials and by studying the fabric of the house
- Report on damaged components to replace, original materials to provide exact replacements or restoration, historical elements to recreate, built-in furniture and other structures for conservation

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